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Manufacture of Tea and Coffe
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  • Region: Kotayk
  • Street: Abovyan-Arzni 1/4


  • Name: Martik
  • Last Name: Andrasyan
  • Position: Director
  • Telephone: +374 222 3 00 40, +374 222 3 00 11
  • Fax: +374 222 3 00 15
    • Tea "KING"
    • Tea Powder for Cold Tea Making
    • Canned Stewed Meat
    • Coffee Beverage: "Three-in-One"
    • Ground Coffee
    • Roasted Coffee Beans
    • Coffee Powder for Cold Coffee Making
    • Hot Chocolate

    We are totally aware of the value and importance of our country’s economy. At present powerful and effective structure of support becomes imperative necessity in Armenia for developing entrepreneurial. Our specialists carried out monitoring in local and foreign market and as a result we became specialized in production by using modern leading experience and new technologies.Indonesia-Robusta-Coffee-Grade-3-ELB-max-425-500x145

    This is our strategy and we are faithful to it. Now innovation is the basis of our present activity.

    The aim of the company is to stimulate and promote the development of economy and make contributions for its development.

    Armen-Hamik Eghbayrner Jv Co. Ltd is one of the biggest importers and exporters in Armenia. The company was established in 1995 and has been in international market for more than 15 years. It has been one of the leading coffee processing companies in Armenia with large markets in our country, Georgia, Ukraine and Russia.

    The company has enlarged its spheres of business and imports different goods (mainly food) from many countries of the world. We import frozen meat (beef, pork, poultry), rice, buckwheat, lentil, sunflower oil, peas, beans, peanuts, condensed milk, etc. from Brazil, India, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, USA, Canada, etc..

    Armen-Hamik Eghbayrner Jv Co. Ltd has its own coffee processing and packing factory. It is well equipped with modern equipments. The factory is supervised by highly specialized quality control manager. The factory processes and packs 50-70 tons of coffee per month.

    Besides coffee our company also produces instant tea, instant coffee, canned beef andfish.
    Armen-Hamik Eghbayrner Jv Co. Ltd is a permanent visitor of all big exhibitions as well. We attend many famous exhibitions such as Gulfood Expo, Anuga, Sial Paris abroad where we get acquainted with different companies and obtain new business partners.

    Due to our best quality product which is sold to our native and foreign customers we gain trust and respect towards our team and company.

    All raw materials are imported from foreign famous companies which product’s quality meets international standard requirements.

    Our company’s motto is: “Be the best of the best, provide high quality and diligent work”.

    Everything stated above is not only words but we prove it by our activity due to what we became one of the leading and well known companies in national and international market.

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