Closed Joint-Stock Company


Manufacturing: Armenian brandy, wine, tomato paste and canned food (including lecho)
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  • Region: Yerevan
  • City: Yerevan
  • Street: Kievyan 8
  • Postcode: 0028


  • Name: Makar
  • Last Name: Petrosyan
  • Position: Director
  • Telephone: +374 10 26 82 29, +374 237 6 97 99
  • Fax: +374 10 27 06 30
    • Wine
    • Armenian Brandy
    • Pickled Okra
    • Canned Mixed Vegetables
    • Pickled Tomatoes
    • Assorted Pickles
    • Canned Green Peppers
    • Pickled Cucumbers
    • Tomato Paste
    • Grape Alcohol
    • Alcohol: Armenian Brandy

    Armenia… One of the oldest countries in the world… It is well-known with its centuries-old history and beautiful nature, as well as high snowy mountain peaks, Armenian sincere hospitality and a rich harvest. In fact, it is also the birthplace of winemaking. According to the well- known legend, after the Flood Noah’s Ark landed on Mount Ararat and at the foot of the mountain, Noah planted the first vine, and using the first grapes made the first wine.

    Armenia… Country of contrasts… First country in the world to adopt Christianity as its state religion. Although it was very difficult to finally demise the Paganism and declare the Christianity as the state religion, it was King Trdat III (287-330) who made Armenia the first nation in the world to adopt Christianity as the only state religion.

    Armenians – one of the oldest nations in the world. Their historical homeland is the Armenian Plateau. From time immemorial viniculture has become one of the symbols of Armenian reality. One of its most vivid evidences is, for example, an Armenian peasant digging the vineyard with a spade, depicted in one of the high reliefs of the Akhtamar Monastery built in the X century.

    In Armenia, viniculture and winemaking achieved a significant level of development since the Urartian times (X-IX BC). This is evidenced by the Assyrian cuneiform records, as well as the archaeological excavations carried out in a number of historical places (particularly in Dvin, Karmir Blur).

    With the development of humanity and formation of cultures, wine has gradually become one of the constituent parts of a man’s lifestyle and way of thinking. Ever since the oldest times winemaking has been considered a great art. A whole theory, enology, devoted to the study of grape and wine composition, as well as the processes taking place in them, has been developed.

    At present Armenia, winemaking as industrial production began in the second half of the XIX century. Brandy production was founded only in 1887, but began to develop on a large scale.


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