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Container cargo transportation in all directions, including consolidated cargo transportation to Italy and consolidated cargo transportation by truck to Europe. Cargo transportation in all directions by air. International courier services, customs brokera
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  • Region: Yerevan
  • City: Yerevan
  • Street: Mashtots 40
  • Postcode: 0002


  • Name: Arman
  • Last Name: Ghazaryan
  • Position: Director
  • Fax: +374 10 54 49 88
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    • Cargo Transportation by Truck, to CIS Countries and back
    • Cargo Transportation by Truck, to Europe and back
    • Cargo Transportation by Truck, to Italy and back
    • Cargo Transportation by Truck, to Baltic States and back
    • Cargo Transportation (in containers)
    • Cargo Transportation (consolidated), to Europe and back
    • Cargo Transportation (consolidated), to Italy and back
    • Cargo Transportation by Air
    • Customs Brokerage Services in USA
    • Customs Brokerage Services in CIS Countries
    • Customs Brokerage Services in Europe
    • Customs Brokerage Services in Armenia

    Transimpex was founded in 1998 based on the market demand for high quality transportation services. Since 1999 we represent interests ofWilli Betz transportation company which was certified as an agent and is responsiblethe company's services for all types of cargo to Armenia and abroad.

    Since 2000 we are the agent of the Federal Express Corporation in Armenia. Our adopted policy gives an opportunity to be different on the market from other cargo transportation organizations.

    We collaborate with a number of well-known local and international cargo transporting and logistic service companies.

    Our services are as follows:

    Import and export of consolidated cargoes 
    Door-to-door transportation of vehicles 
    Express courier service
    Air cargo transportation
    Sea shipment
    Customs brokerage

    Accompanying freight services (packing, insurance, etc )

    In 2011 Transimpex Logistics company was founded in Bulgaria.

    In 2013 in Georgia. 60-70% of annual circulation is provided by our regular customers who represents a variety of business areas such as mining, telecommunications, construction, jewelry companies, as well as well-known brands of clothing and accessories.

    Our business is focused on quality standards for stability and predictability in the provision of services.

    Development and growth of our company we can show by the increase of the company's employees alost 10 times many of which have 5 or more years of experience.

    Here you can find out not only information about our services as well as calculate cargo shipping price with the help of calculator system, you can check your load location and online, at last, ordercargo shipping service online. Transimpex company appreciates your time.

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