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Wine and fruit vodka production
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  • Region: Vayoc Dzor
  • City: Vayq
  • Street: Moz-1 District
  • Postcode:


  • Name: Ashot
  • Last Name: Zaqaryan
  • Position: Managing Director
  • Telephone: +374 91 41 96 34, +374 91 20 12 70
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    • Grape Wines

    Speaking of the origin and homeland of the wine and grape, we should note that the Book of Genesis mentions Noah landing on the top of Mountain Ararat and planting the only wine which saved from the Great Flood in the valley of Ararat. And the wine was spread throughout the world from Ararat valley.

    Armenia has a rich culture of winemaking and wine growing which comes through agees. The oldiest-known winery was discovered in the Areni cave in Vayots Dzor, Armenia. Dated to c. 4100 BC, the site contained a wine press, fermentation vats, jars and cups. Archeologists also found grape seeds and wines. This is the earliest, most reliable evidence of wine production. The fact that winemaking was already so well developed in 4000 BC suggests that the technology probably goes back much earlier.That is why the wine making technologies are so developed in Areni and the best wines are made mainly in this region.  
    Vayk Group CJSC established the winery in 2001 with 450m2 wine cellar space.The company has also 220ha of orchards which include wineyards, apricot, peach, almond, Greek nut, apple, black cherry, black plum trees. The Company has als built-in gravity irrigation system.
    Our wines are made in local traditional way and aged in oak barrel and is bottled with Italian state of the art system.
    Areni grape is used to make Areni of Vayk dry and semi sweet wines. They are well balanced, full bodied wines with fruity fresh flavor and rich taste. 
    Voskehat grape is used to make another local favorite white wine that has light golden color and fresh fruity taste. It has 10-14% alcohol content.
    Each year these wines get hight scores from jury in Areni Winemakers Association annual tasting festival. 
    The apricot, which is produced in 85 acres of apricot orchards, is freshly packaged and distributed in the local, Georgian and Russian markets.
    The full annual capacity of Vayk Group permet to export up to 10,000,000 bottles of wine, 500 tonnes fresh apricot, 50 tonnes of dry fruits, about 10,000 bottles of apricot brandy.

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