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Construction, architectural design
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  • Region: Yerevan
  • City: Yerevan
  • Postcode: 0010


  • Name: Vazgen
  • Last Name: Poghosyan
  • Position: Council Chairman
  • Telephone: +374 10 52 97 20, +374-10 54 76 10
  • Fax: +374 11 20 00 31
  • E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Doors: Aluminum
    • Doors: Metal-Plastic
    • Doors: Wooden
    • Windows: Aluminum
    • Windows: Metal-Plastic
    • Windows: Wooden
    • Shop-Windows: Aluminum
    • Shop-Windows: Metal-Plastic
    • Shop-Windows: Wooden
    • Multiple Glazing Units
    • Sand: Building
    • Concrete: Ready-Mixed
    • Foundation Blocks for Walls
    • Ventilation Blocks
    • Pumice Blocks
    • Slabs: Concrete
    • Partition Walls
    • Quarried Stone: Basalt
    • Quarried Stone: Travertine
    • Quarried Stone: Tuff
    • Installation Services: Metal Structures
    • Installation Services: Wiring
    • Installation Services: Building Frames
    • Installation Services: Heating Systems
    • Installation Services: Water Drainage (Sewer) Systems
    • Installation Services: Water-Supply Systems
    • Installation Services: Hot Water-Supply Systems
    • Testing Services: Building Materials
    • Land Improvement
    • Construction: Footings
    • Earthwork Operations
    • Construction: Pipelines
    • Construction: Collectors
    • Construction: Land-Reclamation Facilities
    • Construction: Monolithic
    • Construction: Buildings
    • Construction: Irrigation Systems
    • Construction: Water Mains
    • Construction: Water-Supply and Drainage (Sewer) Systems
    • Construction: Transformer Substations
    • Repair and Construction Work, Renovation
    • Design of Buildings
    • Thermal Insulation
    • Waterproofing
    • Roofing Services
    • Surface Trimming, Grinding and Polishing Services in Construction
    • Construction Engineering
    • Preparation of Design Estimates for Construction, Installation and Repair Work
    • Technical Supervision of Construction Work (Quality of Construction)

    “Yerevanshin”company was founded in 1980 and has secured its leading position in the field of the Republic construction so far. It’s well known that construction has been important reflection of Armenian engineering mind for centuries, the evidence is magnificent architectural patterns left by our ancestors. In Armenia since ancient pagan times a construction has always been a profession worth respect and honor, and we have incessantly strived for remain loyal to Armenian construction traditions.

    /Company director/
    Doctor of technical sciences,
    real member of Engineering Academy



    The result of “Yerevanshin” company activity is more than 30% of housing fund construction in Yerevan city, numerous schools, preschool complexes, cultural centers, buildings for social and household purposes, construction work, the building of Russian Federation Embassy in Armenia.


    Our company has made a large contribution to elimination of Spitak earthquake’s consequences and restoration activities in the disaster zone. In 2002-2004 within the scopes of Lincy program “Yerevanshin” company carried out complex fundamental repair and restoration of Yerevan National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre after Al. Spendaryan, The large Concert Hall after A. Khachatryan, the Chamber Music House after Komitas, Republic Square of the capital.
    “Yerevanshin” company has also implemented erection of Yerevan St Gregory the Illuminator cathedral that is unique in the Republic for its architectural and volume-layout solutions.

    At present in the frames of “Millennium Challenge Foundation-Armenia” program in cooperation with “Farmex Technologies” company we are realizing repairs of 17 pumping stations as well as restoration of the third sort of canals that are located nearly in all the regions of Armenia.


    Modernizing the field, we strive for replenishing Armenian ancient traditions with up-to-date construction methods, techniques, technologies and we have always set a task leave generations values that will be preserved and presented with such a pride as we do with our past.

    The company has stone and sand mines, concrete metal constructions preparation, stone elaboration, workshops for preparation of mirror, glass packets, iron, wooden, aluminum and metal-plastic doors, windows, partition blocks of different sizes and forms, concrete figured smithies, curbstones, water-pipes, etc. In a nutshell, we have all we need in economy, hence we make a very little use of market supply.

    “Yerevanshin” company also owns a newly established study-project center where there are implemented complex design work of various and multistoried buildings; in the study department there are conducted "Лира 9,6" and "AutoCAD 2010" programs by professional specialists; there is also a “Special course for specialists working in the field of construction”; we realize various construction wiring, amplification-restoration work, counseling, and technical supervision. 




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